Our Team

As a premier Data Solutions provider, Paragon is backed with a young and talented group of individuals motivated to deliver results with breakthrough innovations and solutions. The team comprises experts in their respective areas and together, they make one giant brain filled with ideas, knowledge and skills.

Constantly competing against each other and motivating others to do better, every team member is a critic and a teacher in their own way and grows with other team members.

Their expertise helps our organization scale the business up, and make every project a source of learning, information and fun. Each project handled by our team radiates brilliance in the results delivered by them. Determined to learn more and more, our team works closely with data experts and are always eager to fuse their ideas with techniques and make the work better.

With this environment and their years of experience, they understand the needs of the clients and work with precision to deliver a 100% satisfactory result. Pressure is something that our team has eliminated from their dictionary and are hence, capable of handling multiple projects at the same time. With specific details kept in mind while recruiting, Paragon Data Solutions selects the best of the best, educated and industry qualified personnels and brings them on board to work with our clients, understand their needs and deliver the best results.

We assign the best members of our team to serve you better. From experts in problem solving skills working on exception resolution, to responsible project managers and dedicated young talents in execution, we assign the best of our teams to every project who become the strength of our company and a ‘secret weapon’ of our clients against all the issues arising during the development of a project. Needless to say, the outcomes of the solutions are always phenomenal.