Data Cleansing


The process of amending or doing away with data that is inaccurate, incomplete, incorrectly formatted or duplicated in a database is called data cleansing or data scrubbing.

Usual business practices and campaigns principally depend upon clean, accurate and up-to-date data. Data cleansing and enrichment play a crucial role in improving the quality of the data thereby increasing its reliability. But some irrelevant, duplicate data in the middle of a collective data can create unnecessary confusion and misinterpretation.

This can include bad customer data in the form of bounced email addresses, missing fields and inaccurate contact details. This data ultimately results in a significant drop in marketing efficiency and outreach of a proper marketing communication, resulting in less ROI.

Thus, it is extremely crucial for an organization to identify this unwanted data, and discard it. But finding it in long piles of records and information could be a hectic job, which is why this job is better outsourced to experts like us. This saves companies a huge amount of time that can be used for productive work and reduce their costs significantly.

Paragon Data Solutions, uses modern technologically advanced tools operated by highly trained personnels to cleanse the data. With supervised project access and an eye for details, the expert teams working with us ensure a high quality outcome delivered within a mutually agreed timeline. The expert operators at Paragon remove the unwanted or inaccurate data completely and provide you with a premium class service.

Our tools identify the obsolete, inaccurate, irrelevant and unnecessary data and derived from multiple sources and remove them. By doing so, we don’t just make it current and accurate but also standardize the template upon which it is organized, giving you an easily accessible and understandable set of documents.

Wait, our services don’t end here. Additionally, we help you identify the gaps in your data to further help you make it better in order to derive a precise database for a better understanding of customers and future business prospects. Once we're done with making the data accurate, we would assist you to sort and classify your client database for a better and more targeted reach of your marketing efforts and communication to the right audience.

We understand the need of generating more business which comes with an upgraded database. Paragon Data Solutions goes a step further to help upgrade your database for an effective running of marketing campaigns and expanded rate of profitability of your organization. Our data cleansing outsourcing services includes but not limited to:

  • Data Collection, Organization, and Scrubbing
  • Merging of Data from Various Sources
  • Updating of Emails, Addresses and Phone Numbers
  • Removing Duplicate Data
  • Postal Code Verification
  • Organizing and Tagging Identical Records to Enable Easier Retrieval
  • Classification and Removal of Incorrect and Unacceptable Characters
  • Data Cleansing of Product Data

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