Lead Generation


Lead generation has become the most integral part of a business to get business across the globe, especially for the marketing industry. Identifying the right audience who would have the potential to convert can be tricky. Some people even after meeting the right demographics, might not have an inclination towards a business. Identifying the exact audience for such a task needs expert intervention.

Tracking your audience and the demand of your product, finding the relevant trends to leverage gives you the right insights into the growth of your business.

Paragon Data Solutions builds custom lists manually based on your specific criteria to help you reach out to just the right audience. We thoroughly research potential leads by combing through the best online database. This process helps your SDRs to focus on just converting them and avoid the creation process.

We ensure a verified database for gathering information and zero wrong entries. An indication towards the required job titles, industries, interests is all we need to get our minds working and practically hand picking each lead for you.

We go way beyond just collecting data and garbage dump just to increase the numbers. We believe in delivering quality with every service we provide and understand that our clients’ growth means our growth.

From social media, to business directories, to corporate websites and classifieds, we gather the best leads and deliver a high conversion rate for your business to benefit from. With such dedication and commitment, choosing our services shouldn’t be a difficult choice for you to make!

Why Us

Paragon Data Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that studies your business goals, and works towards making them a reality. If you wish to avail any of our services from BPO/KPO, to lead generation, to offshore IT solutions, here are a few reasons why our name should be the first one to pop in your brilliant mind.

Commitment to customers

Commitment to Customers

Achievement and Contribution

Achievement and Contribution



Agility and Speed

Agility and Speed

Trust and Respect.

Trust and Respect

Opening and Innovation

Opening and Innovation




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Success and collaboration

Entrepreneurial Spirit