Our Company

Paragon Data Solutions is a group of result-oriented experts partnering and empowering clients from around the world towards achieving growth, productivity and profitability. At the outset, Paragon Data Solutions was founded in 2017, with an objective to emerge as the leading data solutions provider and create a presence globally. Noticing the need and the potential for data sciences requirements globally, Paragon Data Solutions is keen to enter and create the right ecosystem and play a pivotal role in the development.

Paragon Data Solutions offers the best of BPO, KPO, Data Solutions and Business Process Services in India. Paragon takes up outsourcing processes that are enabled by Information technology and vary in areas including offshore support, lead generation, form filling and more. Specializing in fulfilling the operational needs of our clients across various platforms including virtual assistant, data entry, data cleansing, data enrichment, data categorization, data enhancement, web research, data deduplication, document digitization, lead generation, data operations, we aim to create a win-win situation for our clients and gratify their customers as well, with an ultimate user experience. Companies that need specialized data analytics turn to us to stay competitive and we value the information shared with us and while ensuring its safety, we help them grow by leveraging just the right information. Keeping our integrity, ethics and moral values on top, we work under defined standards to provide a secured experience. Our young and modern thinking team follows a rigorous quality management system to ensure optimal data quality and customer satisfaction to meet your expectations. The team goes beyond providing information and captures the plethora of data, treats it and appends it to make it richer and easier to analyse. We realize that every client is different and unique. With this, comes varied expectations and requirements. Our services are ideal for dedicated professionals looking at growing their business but wish to dedicate more time to better opportunities. We ask them to focus on the bigger picture while we take care of the other essential things for them. With the benchmark low-cost and high-efficiency solutions, Paragon Data Solutions provide exceptional results.

Data solutions is a job that requires precision, patience, and an eye for details. The right workforce by our side make Data the apple of our company’s eye. This passion gives us the strength to curate custom-made solutions for clients across industries, from startups to corporate giants. We treat all clients and every work equally and consider no project completed until the client is satisfied. We proud ourselves of building long-term relationships with multiple clients and being able to help nurture their organizations by providing top-notch work at affordable prices.

Our round the clock support and seamless execution of our business strategies help us reduce the cost of deliverables while increasing the efficiency. This helps us serve our clients, at various locations all around the globe, in an effective way and takes us a step further towards becoming a global name with every successful project and every happy customer.

With every project, we stand apart from the competition, thereby delivering a unique project to our client each time. We grow with our clients, aim for the top with our customers and prosper with the success of our team of experts. We are committed towards maintaining our graph upwards and only aim towards achieving triumph with sheer hard work, brilliance and talent of each and every individual working with us and helping us achieve our success goals. With these qualities in roots, we plan to make this organization globally successful and shine in the field of data solutions, web research and lead generation.


We believe in not measuring success in growth alone, but by indulging in an ethical way of doing business and creating an enviable work environment. This vision helps us deliver remarkable customer experience and create a lasting impact on businesses and individuals worldwide.

Steve Jobs once said, “People don’t measure you on how hard you tried. They measure you on what you deliver.” With this philosophy in mind, Paragon Data Solutions aims to go beyond basics and make its presence felt by predicting the outcomes of our projects, model our services accordingly and prosper our strategies. We made it our motto to provide the best-in-class solutions and emerge to be a global leader and set a new benchmark in the field of data entry, data categorization, data mining, data deduplication, document digitization, form processing, data enrichment, data cleansing, BPO/KPO services, offshore IT solutions, lead generation and web research services.

Our extraordinary vision helped us in managing and providing a variety of services to our clients effortlessly and build a reputation as one of the best BPO and Data Solutions companies in India. But, we do not wish to stop right here, and are dedicated to look beyond and become a preferred service provider and excel our services further to deliver top-notch assistance to the industry leaders globally and grow with them.


Our mission is to be the preferred business partner, innovating through our multi-domain expertise in Data consulting, E-commerce management and lead generation. We aim to subtly create a footprint in the overall data solutions industry and, in the process, expand our service offerings to include technology development for leading enterprises around the globe.

We aim to become the first name to pop up in mind when business leaders think of BPO/KPO company, form filling services, data mining and enrichment, lead generation company, offshore IT solutions company and any other varied services provided by us. At Paragon Data Solutions, our drive to excel and innovate is foremost.

Ultimately, our mission is to be the best in whatever we do. Let’s just say, if you asked us to boil water, we’d light it on fire. Not literally, but you get the point, right?

Why Us

Paragon Data Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that studies your business goals, and works towards making them a reality. If you wish to avail any of our services from BPO/KPO, to lead generation, to offshore IT solutions, here are a few reasons why our name should be the first one to pop in your brilliant mind.

Commitment to customers

Commitment to Customers

We treat every client with priority and equally. We do not differentiate between clients and projects and are focussed on relentlessly working for the best interest of our customers and delivering the outputs that bring utmost satisfaction to our clients of the customers is our driving motto.
Achievement and Contribution

Achievement and Contribution

We realise each member’s contribution is essential to achieve the common goal and hence, consider every idea and solution an achievement and strive for excellence.



We are a team of transparent, honest and hardworking individuals who prioritise personal and professional integrity while dealing with the projects.
Agility and Speed

Agility and Speed

Our ability and resources to give quick and tailored solutions to the requirements of our customers makes us never miss the deadlines and hence, uncatchable in the race towards the success line.

Trust and Respect.

Trust and Respect

Our team trusts each other’s knowledge and expertise and respect the knowledge each perspective brings to the table. This makes us a trustworthy organization among our clients.
Opening and Innovation

Opening and Innovation

With the talented minds at our back, innovation is something that comes naturally within our team. With such brilliant solutions, execution becomes effortless for us.



We blend in professionalism and fun to create a stress-free environment for our workforce to deliver each project with a smile on their face.


Each project delivered by Paragon Data Solutions is cost effective and has a history of meeting the clients’ expectations when it comes to economic feasibility.


Data Security

Security of data is a factor that worries most of the companies. With duly signed agreements and no-disclosures, we guarantee an absolute security of the data shared with us by the clients. With a controlled access of information maintained throughout the project, the information is treated as per the clients’ requirements post the completion of a project.


With a history of working with clients across industries, Paragon Data Solutions has gained an unmatched expertise. With a large database of knowledge and innovative technology, we deliver the results that match the benchmark quality. Each client’s case is thoroughly studied, understood and brainstormed before starting the work. To ensure this, we train our employees with proper soft skills to match their talents and specific niches.

Success and collaboration

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We follow a proven development methodology and implement the best practices while keeping in mind the complexity of the work and put our best teams to work on every assignment we commence on. This helps us maintain the leadership status as the best provider of outsourced business processing.


We understand the significance of effective communication for success. Keeping in mind how crucial it is for a smooth flow of work, we have established a productive and hassle-free communication environment to keep all our clients updated on the progress and deliver a transparent experience.



We keep our business values on priority while working and delivering results. We believe in going beyond delivering results, and adding value to clients’ business, because our success comes with the success of our clients.


To make our clients get a one-stop-shop for all their business solutions, we keep improving and diversifying our areas of services including BPO/KPO, offshore IT solutions, data mining, data categorization, data enrichment, lead generation, data entry, web research, form filling and more.